Vallès Oriental

Cultural routes and trails

These activities combine the best of culture and nature in a fun walk that’s suitable for the entire family. There are also companies that organise … Veure més


Vallès Oriental Music

Visiting the Vallès Oriental and want to liven your holiday with some local music? Here’s a list of some of the best bands and musicians … Veure més


Smart tourism

The Vallès Oriental is a smart tourism destination This means that we have data and indicators on the evolution of tourism in the region that … Veure més

Bicycle routes and itineraries

The Vallès Oriental is a territory with an extensive network of itineraries and proposals to spend a good day cycling. BTT Cyclocat Municipal routes Wikiloc … Veure més



If you are a lover of culture and theater, don’t miss the billboards of the region’s theaters. Granollers Auditorium Theater Granollers Ponent Theater Can Gomà … Veure més

Cycling events

Would you like to take part in one of the most important cycling events in the region? or you want to attend as audience. Don’t … Veure més



Our region has a long tradition in activities related to the engine, not only from a sports or tourist aspects but also, from a services … Veure més

Do responsible tourism

The Vallès Oriental is a responsible destination, with both the environment and its people. Be responsible you too when you visit us. Download the Manifest of … Veure més



Our county offers a wide range of Golf and Pitch & Putt courses. The first golf course in our county was the Golf course in Vallromanes, surrounding … Veure més

Turisme eqüestre

Equestrian tourism

One of the most natural ways to know and to live the landscapes of our county is through the different routes with a hourse. … Veure més


Adventure activities

The region has different companies that offer a wide range of disciplines related to the sport and the nature, which they will do that the visitor enjoys an … Veure més

Activitats aèries

Air activities

Enjoy the experience of an unique aerial view is a ludic and an amusing way to discover the changeable countryside … Veure més

Montseny Natural Park

The Montseny mountain mass sketches one of the most iconic silhouettes in the Vallès Oriental. Declared a Biosphere reserve, its vegetation is a mosaic of Mediterranean and Central … Veure més

PEIN Cingles de Bertí

Bertí’s Cliffs form part of the Catalan pre-coastal range and are a natural link between the counties of Vallès Oriental and Osona. Although it does not … Veure més

Serralada Litoral Park

The Serralada Litoral Park is virtually pegged onto the metropolitan areas. Its main features are its cluster of hills which rise up between the plain and the … Veure més

L’Ametlla del Vallès

L’Ametlla del Vallès is located between the valleys of Congost and Tenes. It was under the domination of Montbui castle during its medieval origins. With a … Veure més


Figaró-Montmany is the present name of the municipality that reproduces the medieval limits of Montmany  castle and the churches of Montmany, Vallcàrquera and Monteugues. The town … Veure més


Cardedeu is located in the centre of the valley depression, in the lowest part of Cànoves’s watercourse which goes across the town. It is a strategic … Veure més

La Garriga

La Garriga is located in the southwest of Montseny. The river Congost crosses this municipality, a natural way between Vallès and the plains of Vic. … Veure més

La mitja

Half Marathon

After 20 years of written history, Granollers-la Garriga-Les Franqueses Half Marathon stands out as the most important one in Catalonia as well as the best-regarded … Veure més



If there is a club that has put Granollers on the map during 50 years, that is Club Balonmano (BM) Granollers. This club has always … Veure més