Caldes de Montbui

Caldes de Montbui is a town situated in the middle of the area called El Vallès Oriental, only 30 kilometres from Barcelona. It has the privelege of being the first spa town of Catalonia and posseses the best conserved Roman baths in the península.

The foot of the mountain called El Farell (805 m) is a zone of geological faulting and folding which favours the apperance of hot thermal springs with a temperature of 76ºC, one of the highest temperatures in Europe. Thanks to this natural resource, the town enjoys a privileged status that it has greatly influenced by the urban development and its historical heritage and traditional culture.

The other attractions of Caldes Montbui are the flora and wildlife of the area, several trails and natural walks, sports facilities and activities as Pot Market and Escaldàrium. Fire and Water Festival or the Christmas Fair, among others.

If we take a short walk through the emblematic streets of the old town centre, we can follow the historical thermal itinerary in which we will come across the ancient roman baths, the symbolic Font del Lleó (Lion Spring), the communal washing houses which are supplied with hot spring water, the parrochial church of Santa Maria and the spa hotels.

The itinerary also comprises of a visit to the museum Thermalia and the tradional house museum of the Delger. Continuing on our way and just outside the old town centre we can admire the singular Romanesque bridge and other monuments of Baroque and Art Nouveau style. Thermalia is around the thermal water culture and it is dedicated to the international artists Manolo Hugué and Pablo Picasso. On the other hand, a visit to the ancestral home of the Delger family takes us to a magnificient example of the way of life of an upper class family in the 18th century.

Caldes Montbuy offers a traditional Catalan food, from the natural environment, and products based on the region as beans, sausages, vegetables, pasta, cherries, carquinyolis, honey and typical liquors called “Flors del Remei” and “Anís de Taronja”.

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Plaça de la Font del Lleó, 11 08140 Caldes de Montbui.

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