Flowery Villages

Flowery Villages or ‘Viles Florides’ in catalan, is an acknowledgment to the work of the municipalities for the improvement of the urban space and those initiatives of the public and private sphere where the flower and the plant are protagonists. The main initiative is to distinguish the municipalities that stand out for the real, conscious and long-lasting action on landscaping and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The criteria for obtaining the quality labels, which in this case are flowers of honour, are based on the diversity, uniqueness and maintenance of the plant heritage and its integration into the urban landscape. Waste management and water, pest controls, the choice of urban furniture and the sustainability of green spaces.

Why join?

A Vila Florida looks after the well-being of its citizens.
It is a tourist attraction
Fosters the links between its inhabitants through the common green spaces
It improves the image of the municipality by distinguishing itself by its respect for the environment.

Viles Florides in Vallès Oriental

  • Cardedeu (3 Honoured Flowers)
  • La Garriga (2 Honoured Flowers)
  • Llinars del Vallès (3 Honoured Flowers)
  • Mollet del Vallès (4 Honoured Flowers)
  • Sant Antoni de Vilamajor (3 Honoured Flowers)
  • Sant Pere de Vilamajor
  • Santa Maria de Palautordera (2 Honoured Flowers)
  • Tagamanent (1 Honoured Flowers)
  • Vilalba Sasserra (2 Honoured Flowers)

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