L’Ametlla del Vallès

L’Ametlla del Vallès is located between the valleys of Congost and Tenes. It was under the domination of Montbui castle during its medieval origins. With a … Veure més


Figaró-Montmany is the present name of the municipality that reproduces the medieval limits of Montmany  castle and the churches of Montmany, Vallcàrquera and Monteugues. The town … Veure més


Cardedeu is located in the centre of the valley depression, in the lowest part of Cànoves’s watercourse which goes across the town. It is a strategic … Veure més

La Garriga

La Garriga is located in the southwest of Montseny. The river Congost crosses this municipality, a natural way between Vallès and the plains of Vic. … Veure més


Granollers city is located in the centre of Vallès Oriental. This city is the capital of the county. Its privileged geographic location has always helped … Veure més