Figaró-Montmany is the present name of the municipality that reproduces the medieval limits of Montmany  castle and the churches of Montmany, Vallcàrquera and Monteugues.

The town centre of Figaró developed in the fourteenth century around the Figero family’s inn. Later it became one of the main centres of services for public ways that went from Barcelona to Vic and to Congost area. When the railway was settled, Figaró became a summer holiday destination consolidated by town-planning and architectural projects by M. J. Raspall and other architects of the time.

The architectonic language from the holiday destination legacy combines modernism with Noucentist movement elements which contrast violently with the mountainous and rugged setting of both Montseny and Bertí’s cliffs.

A self-guided signposted itinerary called Passeig Urbà del Figaró enables you to track down the main elements from this period. At present Figaró keeps the tradition of being a summer holiday town as well as a place to go on excursions for nature and heritage, it is also favoured by its proximity to Montseny Nature Park and to Bertí’s nature spot of interest and also by being half way between Vic and Barcelona. More information