Serralada Litoral Park

The Serralada Litoral Park is virtually pegged onto the metropolitan areas. Its main features are its cluster of hills which rise up between the plain and the sea, a Mediterranean climate and a strategic location which has greatly fostered the settlement of humans on this ancient treasure. This proximity to the major cities throughout all the ages has left prehistoric and Iberian remains, hermitages and castles that still coexist alongside the not-so-ancient yet traditional Catalan country homes (masies) surrounded by crop fields.

This park is made up of three units – La Conreria, Sant Mateu and Cèllecs – and plays an instrumental ecological role serving as a corridor between the coast and the inland valleys.

Just like at other parks, the Experience the Park programme offers a series of artistic, performance, musical, literary, folkloric and informational activities on the natural and cultural heritage, which are held during a specific period of the year, both inside the park and in the towns falling within the boundaries of the protected area.

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