PEIN Cingles de Bertí

Bertí’s Cliffs form part of the Catalan pre-coastal range and are a natural link between the counties of Vallès Oriental and Osona. Although it does not have the status of Natural Park, its nature and landscape do make it fall within the government of Catalonia’s Plan on Spaces of Natural Interest.

The locale stands out for its fairly closed valleys, some of which are especially interesting because of their landscapes and the abundant vegetation they display. Clear examples of this are the Sot del Bac and others that have served as literary inspiration like the Sots Feréstecs valley, which inspired the novel of the same name by the writer Raimon Casellas. In short, this protected area offers leafy, refreshing vegetation, the ideal setting for pleasant strolls and outdoor activities. The people from the area, known as “Cingles”, can enter from the Tenes valley, from the town of St. Feliu de Codines or the Congost valley, from Figaró or Tagamanent. Its highest peak is Puig Fred, measuring 946 m, and it is also the most well-known one thanks to its sanctuary standing at an altitude of 807 m. At St. Miquel del Fai (see description below), the Tenes river has carved a spectacular waterfall that you must see if you visit this lovely place, perfectly sheltered by the cliff which is always used to a greater or lesser extent for hiking and strolling. More information

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