The Montnegre and the Corredor Park

On its inland slopes, this park stands out for its holm oak forests and its oak and cork oak groves, which magically transform into splendid pine groves on its coastal slope. Besides offering lush nature, this park harbours the remains of the most ancient cultures in our history: Neolithic dolmens, Iberian remains and mediaeval churches all fit in this diverse landscape featuring crop fields, forests and country estates which have emerged from the agro-forestry uses of the land in the past few centuries. The geography is made up of two massifs, the Montnegre, larger, steeper and impenetrable, and the el Corredor, with gentler, rounder slopes as a result of erosion. Its highest point is St. Martí de Montnegre, where you can catch a glimpse of the spectacular Catalan coastline.

This park also has a programme called Experience the Park, with a wide variety of ideas and activities that are appropriate for any audience.

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