Commercial areas

In Vallès Oriental’s county we can find many whole life commercial families establishments, which have happened from parents to children, giving always a quality and a professional service. We can say that these establishments have been the real boost for many of the cities, which nowadays, enjoy a great and strength commercial life.

North Area

On the north commercial area, visitors can taste products as emblematic as the butifarra of the Garriga or visit fairs as characteristic as the TapAmetlla. The municipalities that are part of this group are:

South area

The southern commercial area offers visitors products with own brands such as products from Gallecs or Montmelo, always close to you. The municipalities included in this group are:

East area

On the east commercial area, visitors can find all kinds of shops. They mainly make sausages, meats, breads and cakes such as Celonins or Coca de Palau. The municipalities that make up this commercial area are:

East central area

The central-eastern commercial area allows you to indulge yourself with the best turrons of the territory or to taste the delicious Borregos. These proposals and more are among the municipalities of:

West area

Did you know that in the far west of the region a unique variety of white beans is produced? This commercial area, apart from including the first thermal Village of Catalonia, also organizes fairs as characteristic as the Clock Fair or the Pumpkin Fair. The municipalities that form this group are:

West central commercial area

Finally, the last group of municipalities, and one of the most popular ones, stand out for their major markets and shopping areas, such as La Roca Village. The municipalities included within this commercial area are: