The exclusive and VIP balloon ride

The EXCLUSIVE / VIP option is a privatized balloon ride in order to enjoy the flight with more intimacy. Flying alone, in couple or with friends, the balloon is completely yours. Being only 2 passengers in the basket will give you the opportunity to be taught by the pilot the basis of how to pilot a hot-air balloon and eventually the opportunity to pilot it yourself for a while. In that case, you will fly in a small-sized balloon, the kind of balloon used in competition, much more agile and dynamic than a normal passenger balloon.


Activity’s description

The activity starts at dawn with the picking up of the passengers at the meeting point. Then, the passengers have the opportunity to help during the preparation of the flight: the setting and inflation of the balloon. When the balloon is up, we take off for a ride which will last more than an hour. The wind is the master of our way up the Catalonian landscapes. The landing marks the end of our ride. The “chase crew” comes to collect the balloon and the passengers. Then we all come back to the launchfield and celebrate the balloon experience with a Cava toast and a surprising special brunch. To finish passengers will eventually receive a first flight certificate signed by the pilot.

Days of activity

We operate all year long, every day and every week end, according to weather condition and availablity.

Duration of the experience

We operate one flight per day, by the morning only, just after sunrise. Starting time varies according to season, on summer at 7:00 am and winter at 8:30 am. The whole activity lasts 3 hours in total, including up to 1 hour 1/4 minutes in flight.

Further information:


Avinguda del Rei en Jaume, 4, Cardedeu, Catalunya, 08440, Espanya.

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