Wellness and tourism: holidays on a human scale in Vallès Oriental

Wellness and tourism sometimes seem like contradictory ideas, but it all depends on the destination and what you mean by wellness.

What are wellness activities?

Wellness is the state of feeling good and having one’s basic needs covered. It’s a feeling of balance. It’s that inner peace of mind where mind, body and emotions flow in the same direction.

And when better than in summer to re-centre ourselves and nourish new goals?

During the year, we have to deal with a lot of pressure, schedules and obligations that make more demands on us than we would like.

But that’s the story of life, and on many occasions, we write it ourselves. Surely, we  could go without so many extracurricular activities, social gatherings and sports activities. We make ourselves anxious thinking about things we have to do when what we have to learn is precisely how to do nothing. 

So, what if we focus on what’s near and dear to us to regain our balance without the need for long journeys or overseas trips?

If we think about wellness activities, the first things to come to mind are stays in spas, massages and beauty treatments, and although these can all be found in Vallès, there’s more to wellness and tourism than that.

Wellness and quality tourism = experiences that transform us.

When we plan our long-awaited holidays, we think about our well-being and the well-being of those we love, we think about rest, quality time with loved ones, moments of leisure, learning and relaxing together. 

We imagine being in nature, taking it slowly, going for walks in good company, water, cool evenings, serenity and harmony…especially harmony.

Quality time to end the year and gather our strength for the year to come.

It means transforming our inner energy and cleansing the mind. 

To do this, we need to go where we have never gone before, have new experiences, and discover new points of view that take us out of our routine and show us new worlds and realities.

Recently, the phrase “it’s not what happens to you, but how you react to what happens to you that counts” has become popular and we’d like to apply it to the Vallès region with a small variation: “It’s not where you spend the holidays, but how you experience them that counts.”

How many types of wellness do we have in Vallès? 

Here we believe that variety is the spice of life and that wellness and tourism mean more than just getting a massage or resting. It’s only by being open to different situations and types of activities, for the pure pleasure of doing them, that we can achieve the mental disconnection we need to reinvigorate ourselves.

With that in mind, we see wellness as the following:

Wellness and heritage.

Reconnect with what’s closest to home. Discover the history of that chapel in the middle of that forest that you haven’t been to in years. Show it to your children, it will make them understand where you come from and now, when you see it again, you’ll look at it with new eyes and want to know why it’s been there for almost two thousand years.

Wellness and culture.

The people who live out their lives in a region, we’re the ones who make it grow and make it shine. We’re the ones who generate culture when, together, we roll up our sleeves and take

part in our festivals, when we dream of them and make them real. They are genuinely popular festivals that can be enjoyed in the company of local people.

Family wellness.

Holidaying as a family isn’t easy, but it’s worth it for the moments we share. When we discover new places, flavours, music and people together, we become a team, bridging the distances that open up during the rest of the year. We create shared memories that will bring smiles to our faces in the darkest moments.

Thermal wellness.

This requires little in the way of explanation. It’s wellness tourism that speaks for itself. Jacuzzis with jets of water that pleasantly beat against your back and the soles of your feet. Massages and beauty treatments… for you, your partner and whoever else. 

Gastronomic wellness.

Mongetes del ganxet, pasta, beer, yoghurt and cheeses, fruit and vegetables, wine, sausages and breads made from all kinds of cereals… and we don’t just provide the products. Our restaurants are excellent, with longstanding establishments and wonderful signature cuisine.

Sports wellness.

“The more active you are, the longer you live!” Beaches are not everyone’s thing and playing sports is always a wonderful option for balancing the body with the mind and spirit. If you want to know the coolest places to walk or cycle in Vallès this summer, check out this article.

Natural wellness.

Montseny Natural Park is our leading nature tourism attraction, but we also have the Montnegre Natural Park Corridor and Cingles de Bertí. As you can see, there is no shortage of natural beauty in Vallès, providing ample opportunity to re-centre ourselves to the rhythm of birdsong. 

Wellness shopping.

Villages such as Granollers, Sant Celoni and Mollet have managed to preserve their trade and the tradition of weekly market days. We also have one of the most visited outlets in Catalonia, La Roca Village. You won’t need to go anywhere else to find everything you need for your holiday, or to buy gifts and souvenirs to bring back home with you. However, always remember to make responsible purchases and not buy more than you need.

Goodbye crowds, hello to the little pleasures.

The Vallès Oriental is a timeless jewel to be discovered 

You won’t find its attractions in the catalogues of travel agencies, and this is what makes it such an interesting region. It blends traditional appeal with constant evolution. Its proximity to Barcelona makes it modern, pioneering and efficient, but its rural tradition, makes it feel like you’ve stepped back in time in certain aspects.

When you come, you’ll find the time. Time to get back to the little pleasures that make life so great.

Wellness awaits you in Vallès Oriental: come, eat, play and above all, have a good time with your friends. Close to home at any time.

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