Sant Sebastià de Montmajor

It is a small town located 12 km from Caldes de Montbui, on the north slope of El Farell, surrounded by mountains. The Sant Sebastià Valley preserves all the charm of nature. In this, we find the Romanesque church of the eleventh century. Inside, we can admire Antoni Vila Arrufat fresco paintings made between 1945 and 1950 and a wooden Sant Sebastià by the artist Sebastià Badia. The church has a single nave with a transept that gives the plant a Latin cross shape. The plant has, on the east side, a triabsidial head, in which the apse of the center is square and the two sides semicircular plant. At the noon end of the transept there is another apse, also with a semicircular plan. The central apse, presents as special features the three decorated facades. We emphasize the presence of a small tower of prismatic tower of quadrangular plant, with two floors of windows on each side.

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