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Txo Titelles follets

Txo Titelles

The union of two puppeteers with a long professional career, fuses the poetry, gadgets and mechanisms of one, and the plasticity, creativity and naïve look … Veure més

En carro per Vallromanes

Vallromanes in carriage

We offer visitors a different experience, a unique activity that brings us closer to nature and to the calm to discover Vallromanes little by little, … Veure més


In Palau we have 9 circular itineraries. Healthy walks to learn a little more about the history of our surroundings. Enjoy them! Enjoy it!  ITINERARY … Veure més

museu de montmelo

Montmeló Museum

With its permanent exhibition ‘Montmeló, Paths and Years’, the Montmeló Municipal Museum showcases the historic evolution of the municipality in the context of the Vallès … Veure més


Granollers Museum

This municipal museum is a space for knowledge, debate, social ties and participation, offering the community its knowledge, collection and resources. The museum has spaces … Veure més

museu joan abelló

Abelló Museum

This municipal art museum, set in a modernist building, holds an important collection of artwork by Mollet-born painter Joan Abelló, as well as a considerable … Veure més

museu balvey

Museum Archive Tomàs Balvey

Museum Archive Tomàs BalveyMATBC is located in Dr. Daurella’s Casal, the ancient summer house of Daurella’s family. It is situated in the center of the … Veure més



The PassMuseum is a new passport that opens you the doors to the cultural heritage world througout five museums; it is an album which you’ll … Veure més

modernisme figaro montmany

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