Visit a farm in active with family

We are a family of field for generations and today still live to till our fields and raise our animals as it has always done. Although we have adapted to modern times in terms of machinery is concerned, still trying to be self-reliant, caring for our garden, our fruit trees and of course, our animals. As a business we have a small dairy farm.

The year 2012 opened a Rural Environment classroom, to teach children and their families as they live and work in a traditional farmhouse.

The workshop lasts 3-4 hours and always starts with a small tasting coffee, freshly milked milk and homemade coke and we’ll be ready to start the visit to the farm, there is always a moment to enjoy nusetro environment. there is always a moment to enjoy nusetro environment.

Come and enjoy a guided tour to learn about farm animals, we will first milk circuit, through productive cows, newborn calves, pregnant cows and the milking parlor; then we pass by rabbits, chickens and lambs. During the visit we feed and touch on different farm animals while we learn things about them.

Possibility of staying all day, to enjoy our surroundings in peace.

You can come with your family or a specific gruo (minimum 20 people) days. Reservations required.
Discounts for groups of Seniors.

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Masia Can Turró, Santa Maria de Palautordera, Catalunya, 08460, Espanya.

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