The PassMuseum is a new passport that opens you the doors to the cultural heritage world througout five museums; it is an album which you’ll collect the highligtest artworks with and, above all, it is a perfect tool to enjoy five art and gastronomic experiences for just 25€ each. Besides, you will be able to get a very special gift once you have visited all the museums.

The PassMuseum combine guided visits to Museu Thermalia de Caldes de Montbui; al Museu Arxiu Tomàs Balvey de Cardedeu, al Museu de Granollers, al Museu Abelló de Mollet del Vallès i al Museu de Montmeló; with gastronomic tastings in local restaurants and activities to discover the nearby area.

The objective of the PassMuseum is to uncover all the cultural heritage and the treasures of the territory and bring it closer to the visitors.

Reservation conditions

The PassMuseum is on sale in any of the five participant museums:

  • Museu Thermalia de Caldes de Montbui – tel. 93 865 41 40
  • Museu Arxiu Tomàs Balvey de Cardedeu – tel. 93 871 30 70
  • Museu de Granollers – tel. 93 842 68 40
  • Museu Abelló de Mollet del Vallès – tel. 93 544 50 99
  • Museu de Montmeló – tel. 93 572 11 66


Carrer Doctor Daurella, 1, Cardedeu, Catalunya, 08440, Espanya.

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