Ointment and Herbal Tea Tasting Workshop in Vallgorguina

Beeswax has been used to make remedies for millennia.
Want to have a go at making your own?

Then meet us in Vallgorguina for the ointment workshop!

Guided by biologist and phytotherapy expert Susanna Arjalaguer, you’ll learn how to make a basic ointment and customise it with other ingredients (herbal macerates and essential oils) to create remedies for various conditions, supplementing them with specific health-fortifying herbal teas.

All the material used will be organic, including macerated herbs, essential oils, Oli Migjorn Arbequina-variety olive oil and virgin beeswax from Mel dels Erms bee farm.

What will you get?

3 different ointments
Kit to make your own ointments at home with information/instructions
Leaflets about the herbal teas you’ll make as well as the properties of the plants

Start time: 10:30 a.m.

Please ask for more information