Santa Maria de Palautordera is a town of the Montseny on the west side, within the valley of La Tordera, rich in water, although the old people tell us that before there was much more.

It is true that, over the years, some sources have been lost or ceased to flow.

That is why it is intended to make them known, to make our sources loved, both the villagers and people coming from outside, in order to preserve them.

You can know a roll, with a route that passes by five or six in a single day or enjoy discovering them, one by one, taking a walk, and why not a snack with family, friends … Many of them are in parks or natural areas where we can find tables and benches.

Of course, let’s take care of the environment, take the waste to the nearest container, preserve the plants and trees and the following visitors to the source, find a clean place and a pleasant environment, not to notice our passage.

There are not all Palau fountains, many of them are on private grounds and their owners have declined to appear on this guide. Of which they appear, there are also that they are in private properties, reason why it demands the maximum respect for the masias and its residents, for the fields of crops and for the cattle that we can find.

We wish you a happy discovery of the Santa Maria de Palautordera fountains.

Tel.: 938479555 / 938479620

For more information, visit the town hall website.


Plaça de la Vila, 1, Santa María de Palautordera, Cataluña, 08460, Espanya.

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