Family Ethnobotanical Excursion

Want to learn how to make a herbarium?
Looking for fun children-friendly activities? This activity is designed for children and families!

Guided by biologist and phytotherapy expert Susanna Arjalaguer, on this trail you’ll discover the many medicinal plants and cooking herbs that can be used as natural remedies.

You’ll learn how to recognise and identify the medicinal plants you encounter along the way: elder, mallow, plantain, mullein and many more, some of which are edible while others aren’t. Susanna will explain how they’re collected, dried out and safely stored.

And keep an eye out! You’ll also get to discover the details hidden in the different plants thanks to a powerful magnifying glass. Are you ready?

At the end, you’ll use the plants you find in the forest to make your own herbarium. And having learned about each plant and its uses, you can create your own nature book.

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Material needed:
Magnifying glass

*COVID-19 – NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, we have established a series of safety measures following recommendations from health authorities, until further notice. The tours will be in smaller groups and guides will wear masks and use speakers or radio guides as well as appropriate distancing measures. There will also be mandatory measures for attendees:

Wear a mask for the entire duration of the activity.
Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5-2 metres between participants.
It is recommended to bring hydroalcoholic gel.

More information: