El talleret del Clot

We are felt craftsmen. We work the wool process, from the beginning: washing, carding, dyeing and combing wool, finishing single pieces all of them, whether they are scarves, blankets, little blankets, hats, vases and lamps, with the technique of felt, Does not involve a plot and a warp as we are accustomed.

We live and work in the Pla de la Calma, in the Montseny. The craft workshop offers you the opportunity to participate in activities related to wool, both in shearing and related to wool and the techniques of feeling, all of them, focused on adults as well as family. We also offer workshops to elaborate natural soap and craft and workshops of natural dyes.

The environment that surrounds us is oak forest, in a very open environment, from where we can observe Montserrat, La Mola and part of the Pyrenees. It is a charming space, accompanied by a hermitage,St. Cebrià de la Mora, which is Romanesque, with access to its interior.

Booking conditions:

The Talleret del Clot offers courses and monographs on natural dyes and native species, natural soaps and candle making, either in the middle of the Montseny, as in other cultural and / or civic centers.

We also conduct workshops for schools and adult education centers.


To end the day definitely, you have close to home restaurants to eat.