Over a long period of time, La Garriga and Caldes de Montbui have known how to make the most of Nature’s gift of thermal waters. The Romans had already come across it and its mark can still be witnessed in the Roman Villa of Can Terres in La Garriga and in the thermal springs in the Font del Lleo square in Caldes. Nowadays, the force and effectiveness of the thermal waters can be experienced by visiting one of the various spas, which offer the most current types of water therapies or simply the pleasure of taking a well-earned break.

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Caldes de Montbui

Caldes de Montbui has a very old tradition regarding spas. In Roman times it was already a thermal spot placed in hot water springs. It has the distinction of being the first thermal town in Catalonia as well as having the best well-kept Roman therms in the Peninsula. Its excellent geographic location, warm weather and waters that boil at 74ºC -one of the highest ...

La Garriga

Its history is linked to thermal waters in the past and especially during Roman times, from which it keeps some interesting remains such as the Roman villa in Can Terrers which has been declared National Cultural Heritage. The town centre was built around a thermal spring, which has waters that boil at over 60ºC. Its thermal waters have been used during centuries, ...