If the work done in recent years with SICTED has meant a new approach in the expansion of the Spanish Tourist Quality System, Characterized by the coordinated management of the destination, the joint intersectoral application of quality parameters and the incorporation to the project of sectors that are not necessarily tourism, but are related to the quality of the destination, the implementation of BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM, as of January 2017, has to be a step towards the excellence of tourist destinations and an evolution towards sustainability.
BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM is a sustainable, voluntary and independent tourism certification that can obtain companies and destinations. It is a pioneering brand in this area as it adapts to the 17 objectives of sustainable development of the ONU in tourism. It has international recognition and presence.
The Vallès Oriental Tourism Service collaborates with Diputación de Barcelona, ​​which is in the process of being certified as a destination, so that the companies of the territory can adhere to the commitment for sustainability in Biosphere destinations.
The objectives of the process of adherence to the commitment for sustainability in BIOSPHERE destinations are:

  • Incorporate the business fabric under the umbrella of the destination of the 3 provincial brands certified with Biosphere.

  • Incorporation of new criteria for sustainability, maintaining aspects of tourism quality. It provides a guarantee for tourists in terms of sustainable management, environmental conservation, cultural protection, socioeconomic development and quality, customer satisfaction and expansion (5 criteria).

  • Own methodology: training, destination workshops, personalized advice, verification of compliance and above all, the improvement plan.