Every saturday morning in the park 

SCOOTER IN THE PARK, are the collective classes on saturday mornings in the bigest indoor skate park in Spain. A way to learn scooter and enjoy the weekend!.

You can practice an hour with the best riders teachers. It is necessary to register first for according the level: initiation or professional.

How does it work? 
Pre-registration: you can call or fill out the form and we will inform you.
We will get in touch to know: age, level of scooter and the saturday that you want to make the class. 

The classes:
The classes have a duration of 1 hour, are collective and according to the level of the kids.

Martí Samper - The best scooter rider of 2018 - Profesional level
Marcel Parramon - Green Indoor Park rider - Amateur level

Price: € 20 includes: Green ticket + 1 hour scooter.

Green entrance from 10am to 4pm where you can enjoy 6 hours of park (inflatables, electric motor, bicycles, simulators, etc ...) and scooter class.

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Scooter in the park


Camí de Can Carreró s/n

Les Franqueses del Vallès

Tel.: 931 033 084