Vallès Oriental has always been a land for those who were busy in Catalonia. This coming and going brought a variety of cooking concepts to its cuisine that together with recent innovations have shaped a present cuisine traditionally based but with a touch of modernity. This touch, which comes from the most avant-garde chefs, provides each dish with a new vision of cuisine adapted to tastes and exigencies of today’s people.

In their restaurants you will always find the fresher and best selected products from their gardens, with ‘ganxet’ beans as their star product. Also the production of high-quality food products such as cheese, wines, sausages, honey and dry fruits elaborated in the county that are hitting the market and giving extra value to our gastronomy. In their restaurant kitchens all styles and trends flow, therefore, those who would like to visit searching for new gastronomic experiences cannot miss this magnificent group of the most representative restaurants, which most of the times can be found in the best spots in the county.

For the most daring ones, this web also gives you the possibility to cook at home each chef’s best recipes.

We encourage you to come and visit our county by means of its best gastronomy while you enjoy the view or other activities related to leisure or culture.


An Agroshop is a shop where you can buy food from agricultural cooperatives and other local producers. At the region of Valles Oriental there are a total of twenty nine agroshops: SHOPS SELLING PROXIMITY PRODUCTS AT VALLÈS ...