Figaró - Montmany is the real name of the town that reproduces the limits of the medieval castle of Montmany, Vallcárquera and Monteugues.
The urban nucleus of Figaró was formed from the 14th century, around the hostel of the family Figero until in modern times, one of the main centres of services of the Camino Real that went from Barcelona to Vic in the area Of the Congost. With the arrival of the railroad, the Figaró became a destination of summer that was consolidated with the architectural and urbanistic projects of M. J. Raspall and other architects of the moment.

The architectural languages of the summer legacy combine modernism with the Noucentista elements contrasting strongly with the wild and mountainous environment of both the Montseny and the Bertí cliffs.

A marked and self-guided itinerary, called the Figaró Urban Walk, allows you to follow the main elements of this period. Today, Figaró continues the tradition of summer village and nature and heritage hiking, favoured by the neighbourhood of the Natural Park of Montseny, Natural Space of Interest of Bertí and the location, halfway between Vic and Barcelona.


Walking Bar Within the village

Summer holiday modernism in Figaró- Montmany


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