The Eastern Valles is also a place of culture, which finds form and expression in varous works such as the Museu Arxiu Tomas Balvey in Cardedeu or the Abelló Museum in Mollet. The Abello Museum is centred around the painter and collector Joan Abelló and has many different works of art on display. A cultural space in Mollet, very diverse but also of interest and quality.

Popular festivals

From its origins and due to its strategic location this county has been a meeting point for different peoples and cultures. That is why Vallès Oriental has acquired richness in traditions and cultures that have lasted through time. All year round you can find festival celebrations of all kinds in different parts of the territory. Some of them are Local ...

Cultural heritage

Throughout the county there is artistic, historical and archaeological evidence that is part of the Vallesan cultural heritage. Human occupation in the county goes a long way back. Nowadays, remains from different periods can still be observed. Some of them are the Dolmen at Pedra Gentil and the Dolmen at Pedra de l'Arca, which show a Neolithic past; the remains ...

Handmade Fair and others

Popular festivals, fairs, dances, aplecs or shows; supported traditions, recovered or new offers to discover the villages and cities of the county. There are very good excuses to approach! There are great the popular festivals and traditions that are not forgotten and that have relive lately with high vitality.