We fell in love with what is authentic! What has motivated us most since planting our field of olive trees is to get an oil with these aromas so characteristic of orchards, cut grass, green almonds, fruits, balsamic herbs ... A lot of flavours to which we are not accustomed And we don’t even know they can be found in the oil.
OleoTasta'm is a day in which we will explain how to appreciate and differentiate an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from which it is not, being you the taster and testing your senses with the different phases of the tasting: visual, olfactory and gustatory. You will live a unique experience, which will turn your current experience on oil downside. The OOVE culture will make you aware of the differences between varieties, qualities and possibilities of pairing, as well as knowing its many beneficial properties for health.


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Oil tasting initiation workshop


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