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Tour Gallecs

Do you want to know Mollet del Vallès and the Natural Park of Gallecs with segway? Going out since our shop, situated in Rambla Pompeu Fabra 59, this tour resorts part of the village, clerk for the centre and the best known streets. We cross the AP7 for the bridge and reach Gallecs, a place that distance us entirely of the stressful environtment and routine of the ...

Mollet del Vallès


It is a method of treatment with floral essences that balance and restore the emotional, mental and physical field. To take Bach's flowers is not necessary to be sick. All the persons can benefit from the floral therapy since the whole world, in some moment, suffers conflicts that generate negative feelings. The floral essences also help to take conscience of one itself ...

Sant Esteve de Palautordera


The lymphatic drainage is a specific manual technology to reduce the liquid accumulated in the fabrics of the lymph across the lymphatic glasses. This specific technology that acts des of the deep caps of the skin up to the muscular plane and in all the elements that are placed in this zone. Indicated for: acne, cellulite, scars, edemas of the pregnancy, premenstrual ...

Sant Esteve de Palautordera


The Tower or Moro's tower is a cylindrical tower situated at an altitude of 412 meters. Popularly, it says that the Torrassa was a point of warning to the farmers, when the soldiers of Moro's king cames to recapted the taxes. You can visit it free all weekends from 9.00h to 13.00h. There is the bar service option. The best views of Vallès Oriental county!

Llinars del Vallès


In the public space of Sant Celoni we can find sculptural monuments of different artists and times: from the 16th century to present , authors such as Lluís Montané, Carles Colomo, Gloria Auleda, Marc de Rooij and Josep Plandiura, among others, have left their mark In the urban landscape of the town.

Sant Celoni


Osteopathy Manual holistic and integral Therapy that he thinks that the health depends on the suitable relations and on the balance between the different parts of the body. It acts on all the systems of the body: musculoskeletal, visceral, cranial... To be able to approach hereby any type of problem or pain that one presents. Fields of application: Problems in the ...

Sant Esteve de Palautordera


Sports massage Helps to relax the musculature after a physical intense work as trainings, parties, etc or to be preparing before an effort

Sant Esteve de Palautordera


Therapeutic massage The therapeutic massage is a manual technology based on the transmission of the analgesic, sedative effects and / or stimulant of the therapist towards the patient. It's indicated to calm the pain, to liberate tensions, mental and physical fatigue. Also it stimulates the muscles of the locomotive device.

Sant Esteve de Palautordera


Based on frictions, pressures, percussions or stretchings, depending on the problem to treat. This one indicated to eliminate or to diminish the muscular pains, of energetic blockade or of the lack of tone; It's used as a very effective complement to other therapies.

Sant Esteve de Palautordera