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Hotel Can Cuch

In one hidden and unknown it place of Natural Park Montseny, is localized the Hotel Can Cuch. The natural park Montseny is in the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range, the aerea is over 30 thousand hectares, spread over eighteen villages in three regions ( Osona-La Selva-Vallès Oriental).

Cànoves i Samalús


Cycle tourism in Santa Maria and Sant Esteve de Palautordera.

Santa Maria de Palautordera


Cycle touring for Santa Maria & Sant Esteve de Palautordera. BLUE ROUTE Santa Maria de Palautordera - Santa Magdalena - Sant Esteve de Palautordera - Els Bruguers - Estació - Pont Trencat - La Serra - Distance: 25.000 m - Slope: 469 m - Maximum altitude: Santa Magdalena 394 m - Minimum altitude: river Sec 150 m - Medium difficulty, for the ...

Santa Maria de Palautordera


Want to know the Circuit from the inside? Come to the Circuit and feel the passion for the motor sport! The Circuit offers you the chance to get inside the installations. Discover how a race is organized and controlled, where the mechanics work, and access to all confined spaces. The briefing room Prepodium-podium The press room Race Control Lounge The ...


Bicircuit at Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya opens its gates to all those sportspeople wishing to ride their bike on a track, in a safe and professional surrounding. On Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoon - provided that there is no other activity at the Circuit hindering it - you can lap on the Grand Prix Layout (4.655 km) either as an amateur or as a professional rider. You have ...



The Tower or Moro's tower is a cylindrical tower situated at an altitude of 412 meters. Popularly, it says that the Torrassa was a point of warning to the farmers, when the soldiers of Moro's king cames to recapted the taxes. You can visit it free all weekends from 9.00h to 13.00h. There is the bar service option. The best views of Vallès Oriental county!

Llinars del Vallès

Tourist apartments Cal Ferrer

Cal Ferrer are Tourist Apartments that has eight comfortable rooms and fuly equipped. These apartments are localed in the quite village in  the middle of the mountains call Montseny. 


Hot air balloon flight with all the family

Activity description : The activity starts at dawn with the picking up of the passengers at the meeting point. Then, the passengers have the opportunity to help during the preparation of the flight: the setting and inflation of the balloon. When the balloon is up, we take off for a ride which will last more than an hour. The wind is the master of our way up the ...


Tour Gallecs

Do you want to know Mollet del Vallès and the Natural Park of Gallecs with segway? Going out since our shop, situated in Rambla Pompeu Fabra 59, this tour resorts part of the village, clerk for the centre and the best known streets. We cross the AP7 for the bridge and reach Gallecs, a place that distance us entirely of the stressful environtment and routine of the ...

Mollet del Vallès

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