Spa, Vallès Oriental, Barcelona en el Vallès Oriental

Hotel Balneari Termes Victòria

In the Hotel Balneario Termes Victoria you will find the peace you need to relax and to have a pleasant stay. Our spacious gardens and the different balconies are ideal to stroll or to sit and read comfortably, as you will feel transported to the 18th century.

Caldes de Montbui

Vila de Caldes SPA Hotel

Functionality, modern lines and a touch of sophistication are some of the defining characteristics of the Spa Hotel Villa de Caldas, in the historic center of the spa town of Caldes de Montbui . 

Caldes de Montbui

Hotel Balneari Broquetas

Broquetas Spa offers its facilities, with the most sophisticated techniques, where you can benefit from the most complete treatments, always under the control of our medical team and enjoy the ludic-thermal baths.

Caldes de Montbui

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