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Masia El Folló

El Folló is a farmhouse built in the 12th century and located in the Montseny Natural Park. We are dedicated to rural tourism, but we are also known for our restaurant where, in a free buffet service, we serve delicious dishes of traditional Catalan cuisine, all of them made from raw materials of proximity and excellent quality.



Cal Pinyater is a manor house from the XVI century and is close to the Montnegre-Corredor Park. This Park is located in the Catalan Coastal Mountain Range, between the regions ( Maresme and Vallès Oriental). The farmer house offers all the domestic amenities both within and outside the household.

Llinars del Vallès

Can Batlles Countrt House

Can Batlles is ideal for hikers and nature lovers. This country house, dating from XVII century, is located in Riells del Fai, a quiet village surrounded by mountains and olive trees.  

Bigues i Riells


La Polvoreria, is an old "Masia", typical Catalan farm house, build before 1630, when the first records appear. Over the following centuries, the house has been restored several times.  

Bigues i Riells

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